GEORGIA BOSSON | @georgiabosson

Colour inspiration often comes from the most unexpected places, a bundle of discarded fishing nets, a small patch of lichen or a row of houses. I am always looking for new colours to work with and new ways to pair colours together so often find myself turning to photography to capture a particular colour story that might not be useful in the present but I just can’t leave behind.

Colour is the glue that holds my work together, it helps to tell the story beyond what might appear to be a series of abstract shapes, I love that everyone has a gut reaction to colour, it is always thrilling to see people get excited about the colours I use.
— What is your colour story? Makers House at Milliken 25th - 27th July 2019


 Georgia Bosson Studio creates contemporary, colourful and tactile designs which are applied to a studio product range stretching from textiles to trays. The studio collection is all hand screen printed and made in the UK, with an emphasis on environmentally sound materials and production methods. Where possible during the manufacturing process the studio works with social enterprises creating jobs and opportunities throughout our supply chain.In addition to the studio range we also work on bespoke projects with architects, interior designers and retailers. Past projects include designing an external canopy for a gallery, curtains for a floating cinema and bespoke embroidered upholstery fabric, the studio has a wealth of experience delivering projects for domestic spaces and in the public realm.