To use colour in my work is not about using one colour but many. Iā€™m inspired by colour combinations, not one colour in particular. It normally starts where the colour is restrained, be it because a material only comes in that colour, a restricted pallet or I can not afford more than one colour! I then combine this colour restriction with other colours, materials, and textures to create new products.
— What does colour mean to you? Colour: Makers House at Milliken 25th - 27th July 2019


 Founded in 2014, the studio explores making the ordinary extraordinary by elevating the potential of objects and materials.

Sarah Colson is an award winning designer, most recently recognised for her ingenious lighting designs. She has had particular success with contemporary pendant lighting and chandeliers, her designs having been picked up by the Conran Shop and West Elm, to name a couple of notable admirers. 

She has collaborated with some exceptional artists, crafts people and communities, in a variety of  materials and environments. These collaborations have produced a fascinating body of work that celebrate, and exalt, the very process of making and the materials selected.