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This year’s colour inspiration will be drawn from my previous collection which was rust and corrosion.

I was influenced by the natural processes of oxidation and corrosion. The warm, earthy tones of rust, a process we normally aim to prevent and avoid. I’ve used hints of this colour in my early work to help add a touch of warmth and contrast to the neutral greys.

I also love how copper ages and corrodes forming a gradation of blues and greens. There’s something beautiful about this naturally occurring process and I’m having a lot of fun experimenting with these rich, wholesome hues.
— What is you colour story?


Tim Walker Studio was established in 2016. It’s focus is on the exploration of material, use and application. The processes of mould making and casting are an integral part of the studio’s practice.

As a designer - maker, Tim likes to put an emphasis on originality where every piece is unique and exclusively handmade at his London studio, paying particular attention to surface, texture and tone.

He is currently exploring the use of recycled construction waste and lightweight building mortar. His most recent collection of work demonstrates, through various casting techniques, how these materials can be applied to produce a collection of contemporary interior products, whilst addressing the need for tackling and reducing commercial and industrial waste.