Recently I’ve been trying not to use outline when I make a design, so that the design has to rely on blocks of shapes rather than lines. In this way colour can become more important to define what it is.

Also one of my biggest aims is creating a nice 3rd colour by overlapping 2 colours, which I have been experimenting with a lot and have so much more to explore.
— What does colour mean to you? Colour: Makers House at Milliken 25th - 27th July 2019


Yukiko Ikehara is from Japan and came to London to study fine art and sculpture, then later learned sewing techniques in evening classes. Her printing world started 6 years ago a shift from hand-craft making - at first printing mainly on cloth, and making small products using a sewing machine. Yukiko learned screen printing pretty much as she went along guided by design and the process and is still learning with lots of discoveries along the way!